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The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

Jude is exiled

Cardan is King

How is this story going to end?

Dear Readers, if you have not read The Cruel Prince or The Wicked King consider reading those novels before reading on.  If not, be warned, there are a few spoilers.

In Summary:

The Queen of Nothing is the final book in author Holly Black’s The Folk of the Air series.  Jude is still dumbfounded over Cardan’s betrayal, questioning and doubting everything she’s learned or thought to be true.  Having lived a life of deception, intrigue, and scheming, Jude finds her exile a cumbersome one, hating living in the mortal realm, where she was born.  Jude is forced to bide her time, plotting how she will extract her revenge and claim her rightful throne as the mortal Faerie Queen. 

At the beginning of the novel Jude hasn’t come up with a plan to get back into Elfhame, but an opportunity prevails itself when her twin sister, Taryn, arrives home with a dire request.  Jude knows the terms of her exile, if she returned she would risk everything, including her life.  But Jude’s obligation to her family runs thicker than her anger towards her deceitful twin and she defies the proclamation set against her. Jude goes back to the Faerie Court to help her sister, tackle her feelings for her Faerie King, and ultimately find her place within the faerie land.

The Verdict:

Overall, I was disappointed with The Queen of Nothing.  The story had its moments of captivating intrigue, action, and suspense, but it seemed to lack in its ability to fully grasp the scope and potential of the overarching story.  Black had every chance to expand and dive deeper into her magical world, but at times, it seemed to fall short.  There were many opportunities missed where she could have expounded on certain themes, tropes, or even point of view, particularly in the case of Cardan. I understood each novel was written in Jude’s point of view, but I think had she included Cardan’s in this final book it would have been a more rich and fulfilling read.

Personally, the main reason for finishing this series was to find out what would happen between Jude and Cardan.  The complex relationship Black built between these two kept me wanting to know more.  Jude and Cardan’s interactions were at times flirtatious and at others, divisive.  It was such a strange dynamic, so completely different from the typical tropes used in YA that readers won’t help but be compelled to want to know if they end up killing each other or falling in love.

Happy Reading  ̴  Cece

RATING: ink blotink blot – Adequately Inked

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Publication Date: November 2019

Pages: 320

ISBN-10:  0316310425

ISBN-13: 9780316310420

Audience: Young Adult; ages 13 and up

Jacket Art: Sean Freeman

Jacket Design: Karina Granda

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  1. dharshanirymond

    Great Review!
    This has a happily ever after ending with more of Jude in action and less of Cardan which was kind of disappointing. Though Cardan is clever, his character was underplayed.
    I disliked
    1. The judgement Locke and Madoc received
    2. The way Lady Asha get away with everything abruptly
    3. not knowing what being Jude is now
    3.5 ⭐ according to me 😛

    1. Cece Beckman

      I completely agree that Cardan didn’t share the spotlight as much as Judy. I think had Black had his POV included I may have given the story a higher rating. Although I wasn’t a fan of the enemies to lovers trope in this one. There was too much violence between the two that felt a bit unbelievable for me.

  2. Liz

    I’m currently reading the Wicked King and loving it. This series has been so good.

    1. Cece Beckman

      I’m so glad you are enjoying it! Wicked King was my favorite of the three. Come back and chat when you’ve gotten through The Queen of Nothing.

  3. Abril Martinez Perez

    I am currently reading The Queen of Nothing

    1. Cece Beckman

      Enjoy reading! Let me know what you think once you’ve finished!

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