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Top 5 Books November 2020

It’s a new month and that mean looking at our Top 5 Books for November, 2020.

A Closer Look at the Top 5 Books November 2020

This months Top 5 has something for everyone: be it science fiction, fantasy, LGBTQ (MM), or contemporary Latinx and Asian representation, you’ll find one or all of these books to enjoy.

What books I’m reading in November

When you scroll down you’ll see all the books I’m planning on reading once I get the physical copy in my hands.

I’m really looking forward to diving back into Rin Chupeco’s works. I am a huge fan of her Bone Witch series. The character building, the world building, and the underlining story was incredible. And I’m itching to start The Never Tilting World so I can read book two.

Now, this months list of books I’ve had on my radar for a while. I cannot wait to read and I hope you do too.

Remember, as we continue to read, make sure that we keep adding Own Voices, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ reads to our shelves. Keep the momentum friends of broadening our bookshelves to reflect the diverse topography of the world.

You can check out all the latest books hitting shelves this month on our YA Book Release Calendar.

Need suggestions for your next read?

Sheaf & Ink has you covered.

Check out this months Top 5 book recommendations for November 2020 and add these reads to your book list.

Top 5 Books of November

Contemporary Books

A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey

Love & Gelato meets Don’t Date Rosa Santos in this charming, heartfelt story following a Miami girl who unexpectedly finds love—and herself—in a small English town.

For Lila Reyes, a summer in England was never part of the plan. The plan was 1) Take over her abuela’s role as head baker at their panadería. 2) Move in with her best friend after graduation. 3) Live happily ever after with her boyfriend. But then the Trifecta happened, and everything—including Lila herself—fell apart.

Here the Whole World by Vitor Martins; translated by Larissa Helena

What would you do if you had to spend the next 15 days with your lifelong crush?

Felipe gets it — he’s fat. Not chubby. Not big-boned. Fat. And he doesn’t need anyone to remind him, which is, of course, what everyone does. That’s why he’s been waiting for this moment ever since the school year began: school break.

But things get a little out of hand when Caio, the neighbor kid from apartment 57, will be spending the next 15 days with them while his parents are on vacation.

Rent a Boyfriend by Gloria Chao

Chloe Wang is nervous to introduce her parents to her boyfriend. Because the truth is, she hasn’t met him yet either. She hired him from Rent for Your ’Rents. A company specializing in providing fake boyfriends trained to impress even the most traditional Asian parents.

But when Chloe starts to fall for the real Drew—who, unlike his fake persona, is definitely not ’rent-worthy—her carefully curated life begins to unravel. Can she figure out what she wants before she loses everything?

Science Fiction & Fantasy Books

Soulswift by Megan Bannen

Gelya is a Vessel, a girl who channels the word of the One True God through song. Cloistered with the other Vessels of her faith, she believes—as all Ovinists do—that a saint imprisoned Elath the Great Demon centuries ago, saving humanity from earthly temptation.

Now the church that raised Gelya considers her a threat. In a race against the clock, she and Tavik must find a way to exorcise Elath’s presence from her body. But will this release stop the countdown to the end of the world, or will it be the cause of the earth’s destruction?

The Ever Cruel Kingdom by Rin Chupeco

After a treacherous journey and a life-shattering meeting with a twin neither knew they had, Haidee and Odessa expected to emerge from the Great Abyss to a world set right.

To break the cycle, Haidee and Odessa need answers that lie beyond the seven gates of the underworld, within the Cruel Kingdom itself. The shadows of the underworld may hunger to tear them apart, but these two sisters are determined to heal their world—together.

Do you have any November 2020 YA books you can’t wait to read?

Share the books you’re looking forward to in the comments. We love hearing from you.

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