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Enemies to Lovers: Young Adult Book Rec’s

If you crave the enemies to lovers trope well look no further. I have some great recommendations for you!

Before we go into these rec’s, here’s clarification on what it means to be an enemies to lovers: where two main characters start in oposition, but over the course of the novel, slowly start to care for each other.

That mix of angst, the slow-burn, and let’s not forget the BANTER… I could live off these three ingredients alone!

However, just to be clear, before we get to these delicious delicacies of enemies to lovers books, we must address that this particular trope can sometimes be problematic. When we’re talking about rivals/enemies to lovers we are NOT talking about actual physical, emotional, and psychological abuse towards a character out of love. In no way do we support or recommend books about toxic relationships: where a partner is abusing the other because they like/love them.

Having said that…

Let’s get to some of my favorite and most anticipated enemies to lovers novels!

Enemies to Lovers

Contemporary Romance


Now, you tell me your favorite enemies to lovers books. I can never have to many book recommendations.

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