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Found Family: Young Adult Book Rec’s

Found family.

It’s a trope I’ve come to love as I explore the gambit of Young and New Adult literature. Where readers will experience how authors take on challenging topics having their main characters navigate through a world that can be cruel. Only to finally find a group of people they call family. These friends being more than just acquaintances, but people they would do anything for because they make you feel whole.

And my rec’s today come from a variety of authors who have expertly crafted stories steeped in this trope so perfectly that all you want to do is hug the book closer. Knowing that these characters exist and found each other.

Let’s dive in…

Found Family Book Rec’s

Books I’ve Read

A Court of Mist and Fury is my favorite book by SJM and the found family is one of the main reasons I enjoyed it the most.)

I CANNOT recommend I Wish You All the Best enough! The writing, the message, and the found family trope is what made this book a must read.

Illuminae is the book that really got me into enjoying science fiction. Amie and Jay are a great team in creating stories that really focus on strong characters who each take up the stage in big and boisterous ways, which I absolutely LOVE. And Illuminae definitely uses the found family trope.

After reading One Last Stop, I want McQuiston to write a book for all the characters in this AMAZING book!

Who coined the phrase “No mourners. No funerals.” Perfection.

In the same vein as Six of Crows, readers will fall for these characters as much as the Dregs.

Faizal’s lush writing creates taut bonds between her characters tested to snapping in the We Free the Stars.

Anyone for a good retelling? Try The Lunar Chronicles and fall in love with how Meyers creates a new version of the beloved fairytales with characters who you can’t help but have a soft spot for.

Books On My TBR

Now, you tell me your favorite found family books. I can never have to many book recommendations.

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