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Meet Me on Platform 3 by Zara Stoneley

The Story

MEET ME ON PLATFORM 3 synopsis from the publisher:

MEET ME ON PLATFORM 3 by Zara Stoneley

Two people. One journey…

Millie loves her city life, her city friends and writing her true(ish) confessions column – but she’s starting to wonder if the grass really is greener on the other side, or if her heart really belongs back in Northumberland, with her mum who is struggling after the death of Millie’s dad.

Joe is happy doing what he does, writing games. He could do it anywhere, but since leaving home he’s lived believing that looking back means you’ve failed, and life is about taking chances and seeing the world.

So when the two meet up surely it can never work, their lives are moving in opposite directions. On different tracks…

My Review: Meet Me On Platform 3

I like the idea of MEET ME ON PLATFORM 3.

It’s an adorable concept of a meet-cute at a train stop. Where the two main characters have instant chemistry in this somewhat awkward situation. And when they don’t exchange numbers you inwardly groan and wonder what are the odds these two will meet again?

Though the kernel of the story is what drew me in, the writing and the storytelling did not. There wasn’t the clever banter that makes you ache for more. Not much sexual tension where you’re literally screaming “Kiss already!” There’s no yearning readers feel when two people connect on the page. It felt like a process trying to make my way through the novel, rather than enjoying page after page of something that could be close to a cute romance.

Even though this book wasn’t for me, readers who enjoy romances about searching for that missed opportunity, and finding safe ground when your romance hits the internet, then make sure to grab a copy of MEET ME ON PLATFORM 3.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blot – Adequately Inked

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Pub DateISBNPage CountPublisherAge GroupSource & FormatReview Posted Online
1-Sep-22978-0008535667384Harper Collins UKAdultNetGalley, Digital ARCJuly 28, 2022

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