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The Other Side of Infinity by Joan F. Smith

The Story

THE OTHER SIDE OF INFINITY synopsis from the publisher:


It was supposed to be an ordinary day at the pool, but when lifeguard Nick hesitates during a save, seventeen-year-old December uses her gift of foreknowledge to rescue the drowning man instead. The action comes at a cost. Not only will Nick and December fall in love, but also, she envisions that his own life is now at risk. The other problem? They’re basically strangers.

December embarks on a mission to save Nick’s life, and to experience what it feels like to fall in love―something she’d formerly known she’d never do. Nick, battling the shame of screwing up the rescue when he’s heralded as a community hero, resolves to make up for his inaction by doing December a major solid and searching for her mother, who went missing nine years ago.

As they grow closer, December’s gift starts playing tricks, and Nick’s family gets closer to an ugly truth about him. They both must learn what it really means to be a hero before time runs out.


What do you do when you have to make an impossible choice?

December Jones has a gift of foreknowledge. And she discovers after helping a lifeguard save a drowning man, that her actions have unimaginable consequences. It’s those consequences which sets in motion this incredible book.

My heart is still aching after this one book friends.

Smith guides readers through a story about a young girl with a unique gift of seeing and experiencing the world (both past, present and future), generational relationship between December and her grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, while including flashbacks of December as a child with her mother, and a love story you want to last a lifetime.

A Few More Thoughts

THE OTHER SIDE OF INFINITY adroitly holds readers in this foreboding limbo.  You can feel it.  You’re waiting for something tragic to happen. It’s quietly painted into the chapters between Nick and December.  Like any classic tragedy from the archives of Shakespeare, you know, at some point, there will be a loss. You just don’t know when.

Even though this love story is a very memorable 336 pages, it is the end that shattered my emotions completely.

Achingly, beautifully poignant, The Other Side of Infinity is a powerful story about friendship, loss, and love.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blotink blotink blot – Exceptionally Inked

Content Warning: The Other Side of Infinity

Discusses sexual assault, a grandparent with Alzheimer’s Disease, on page underage drinking, child abandonment, and death.

Publication Details

Pub DateISBNPage CountPublisherAge GroupSource & FormatReview Posted Online
25-Apr-23978-1250843388336Feiwel & FriendsYoung AdultNetGalley, Digital ARCJuly 31, 2022

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Who would play December and Nick if The Other Side of Infinity were a movie?

Tell me in the comments who you would want to see play December and Nick if Smith’s book was adapted for the big screen! 📽️🍿

These are my picks:

  • Tom Holland as Nick Irving
  • Zendaya or Florence Pugh as December Jones

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  1. Fatou

    The cover is so pretty !! I really enjoyed your review and I like the fact that you write the trigger warnings !!

    1. Cece Beckman

      Thank you! I agree, the cover is lovely and it’s so important for readers to be aware of what’s in the book. Hope you get a chance to read it.

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