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The Worst Woman in London by Julia Bennet

The Story

The Worst Woman in London synopsis from the publisher:

The Worst Woman in London by Julia Bennet

James Standish knows how to play society’s game. He’ll follow the rules, marry a virginal debutante, and inherit a massive fortune. At least, that’s the plan until he meets Francesca Thorne. She’s not the sort of woman a respectable gentleman like James could ever marry—not least because, strictly speaking, she’s married already.

Francesca is determined to flout convention and divorce her philandering husband. When James sweet talks his way into her life tasked with convincing her to abandon her dream of freedom, she’s unprepared for the passion that flares between them.

Torn apart by conflicting desires, James and Francesca must choose whether to keep chasing the lives they’ve always wanted or take a chance on a new and forbidden love.

My Review: The Worst Woman in London

Although I’m not much of a fan of the title, the story is an interesting one: a married woman wants her freedom from a loveless marriage. Add in how she falls for her husband’s best friend plus Victorian era laws and you have a regency story worth picking up.

Even though the steamy romance is a focal point of the novel, it does carry weight in showing how married women were treated in the 1800’s and the hypocrisy of the patriarchy and its views on divorce, specifically a wife wanting one.

Throughout the novel we encounter several point of views the most preferred is of course Francesca and James, our main characters. Their relationship blossoms into something romance readers crave while wishing Edward Thorne could be eviscerate him from the pages completely.

My concern with the book is its conclusion. I won’t spoil it for those interested in reading, but I wish it had been different. There’s nothing less satisfying than a villain getting his happy ending at the expense of the main character.

A story about betrayal, perseverance, and hope for a second chance at love, The Worst Woman in London gives an uplifting view of a woman desperate to gain her own piece of happiness.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blotink blot – Satisfyingly Inked

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