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Thank You for Sharing by Rachel Runya Katz

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THANK YOU FOR SHARING by Rachel Runya Katz

A chemistry-filled childhood friends to enemies to lovers debut romance about two people forced to confront their pasts to save both their relationship and careers.

Daniel Rosenberg and Liyah Cohen-Jackson’s last conversation—fourteen years ago at summer camp—ended their friendship. Until they find themselves seated next to each other on a plane, and bitterly pick up right where they left off. At least they can go their separate ways again after landing…

That is, until Daniel’s marketing firm gets hired by the Chicago museum where Liyah works as a junior curator, and they’re forced to collaborate with potential career changing promotions on the line.

With every meeting and post-work social gathering with colleagues, the tension (and chemistry) between Daniel and Liyah builds until they’re forced to confront why they broke apart years ago at camp. But as they find comfort in their shared experiences as Jews of color and fumble towards friendship, can they ignore their growing feelings for each other?

My actor and actress pick for Daniel and Liyah would be Daniel Henney as Daniel and Tessa Thompson as Liyah


Hello Readers, I have a scrumptious treat of a romance for you to check out! ✔️📚

If you enjoy forced proximity, work relationship, second chances, childhood-friends to enemies to friends to lovers trope, and Jewish representation than get those fingers moving and add this one to your TBR. Fans of Rachel Lynn Solomon and Natasha Diaz’s, young adult novel, Color Me In, will be swept away by debut author Rachel Runya Katz rom-com.

Runya Katz writes with a delicate determined hand, with characters that have layers of complexities that really flush out as we get to know our MC and her love interest. Though there are moments of utter frustration with our MC, even her best friend, who is an incredible human being and I would want them as my BFF, can’t understand why Liyah won’t allow herself happiness.

But friends, this is all part of the journey. You’ll fall for each passing moment as Daniel and Liyah grow closer together as they continue to work on their project for their respective careers and with the help of their support group and the magical way Runya Katz brings all the beautiful pieces of this book together, it is simply a joy to read!

With sexy charm and undeniable wit, Rachel Runya Katz’s sparkling debut, Thank You For Sharing, proves that if you’re open to love, anything is possible.

St. Martin’s Press, Thank You For Sharing

Thank You For Sharing hits shelves September 12th.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blotink blotink blot – Exceptionally Inked

Content Warnings

Some of thematic content in Thank You for Sharing contains discussions of sexual assault and the death of a parentt; neither event occurs on the page.

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12-Sep-23978-1250888297352St. Martin’s GriffinAdultNetGalley, Digital ARCMarch 20, 2023

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