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When it comes to disastrous relationships, English professor Amy Marsden has pretty much seen everything. From Banana Brad (who had a thing for fruit costumes) to her latest disappointment, Derek (undiscovered artist with a penchant for tighty-whities and their perky pizza delivery driver), it’s been an endless adventure of oddballs, jerks, and some terrible lapses in judgment. Which is exactly how Amy has ended up living in a house with the guy she’s been half in love with since she was a kid….

Theo Sinclair has been her sister Jo’s best friend—and a commitment phobe—for as long as Amy can remember. And aside from one hot and heavy make-out session, she’s managed to ignore her feelings for Theo and successfully avoid adding another entry in her What-was-I-thinking list. Yet now that they’re living under the same roof, Amy and Theo are sharing everything from Cheetos and smoothies to their family drama, past trauma, and an attraction that Amy begins to think might not be one-sided. Could Theo really have feelings for her—or is Amy just setting herself up for another disaster?

MY THOUGHTS: Divine Rivals

When another bookworm tells me about a classic remake, be it a movie or book, they’ve caught my curiosity. I love a good retelling or remaking of a classic novel. Giving the story a complete makeover, with a fresh new look and modern feel.

However, Leave it to the March Sisters by Annie Sereno didn’t quite check off those boxes that make a retelling romance the one that will burn into my long term memory.

In this version of the classic novel Little Women, there are only two sisters Jo and Amy and of course the love interest, Laurie. And there’s still that uncertainty (although in this version it’s into adulthood) of whether Jo and Theo (the modern day Laurie) is still attached to Jo.

As for the love story, for me it didn’t propel itself into a whirlwind of pinning, fun witty banter, or, anything really. Which was disappointing, because the setup between Amy and Theo was brilliant. Sereno had this great opportunity of forced proximity, but nothing ever really happens. You never get those multitudes of charged looks and feelings and words. I didn’t invest in the story of Amy and Theo because there wasn’t much effort into the making of them as a couple.

This one wasn’t for me, but if you’re a fan of Little Women, enjoy quotes from the original books and movie remakes at the beginning of each chapter, and a loosely-modern-day retelling, think about adding this one to your TBR.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blot – Adequately Inked

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