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The Stage Kiss by Amelia Jones

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MY THE STAGE KISS by Amelia Jones

Two stage actors find themselves falling for each other with each onstage kiss…against their better judgment.

Actress Eden Blake’s biggest claim to fame is a mortifying pharmaceutical commercial for male enhancement pills. That is until the female lead on the nationwide tour of Broadway’s hit Pride & Prejudice musical abruptly quits and Eden is called up to fill the role.

The cast of Liz and Darcy: The Musical has just settled into a three-week run in Washington, DC, and Broadway royalty Brennon Thorne is set to play Darcy. Despite Brennon’s reputation as being “a dream to work with,” Eden’s first impression of him is more like a nightmare. Now, she’ll have to kiss the pompous jerk eight shows per week.

Brennon can’t disguise his disdain for understudies like Eden. But as Eden and Brennon take the stage playing Jane Austen’s most memorable characters, their reality begins to mirror Elizabeth and Darcy’s—explosive chemistry and all. Together, they power through press performances and curtain calls, even as rumors of Brennon’s checkered romantic past resurface and prove to Eden that he can’t be trusted.

But with each choreographed stage kiss, Eden and Brennon’s passion for the stage—and each other—ignites. Maybe, just maybe, not all rumors are to be believed—and not all showmances are doomed to fail.

My Review: The Stage Kiss

The Stage Kiss is filled with divas, drama: off stage and on, and a crackling tension that will have romance readers swooning over Eden Blake and Brennon Thorne.

For me, this one started off slow, and I was slightly off put by Eden’s indecisiveness and somewhat self-deprecating manner, that seemed to last a tad bit too long, towards the end. And what was frustrating was everyone else in the novel seemed to have the bigger picture of how Brennon feels, yet Eden seemed to want to wallow. 🤨🤷🏽‍♀️ Her attitude changes eventually, but it was something that stuck out enough that I couldn’t forget it.

If you enjoy work-place-romance, rivals-to-lovers, disastrous first meeting, Jane Austen retelling (Pride and Prejudice) as a musical then book friends add this one to your TBR.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blotink blot – Satisfyingly Inked

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12-Dec-23978-1639105847352Alcove PressAdultNetGalley, Digital ARCJune 19, 2023

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