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Never Wager with a Wallflower by Virginia Heath

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The third and final delightful installment in the Merriwell Sister’s Regency rom-com series.

Miss Venus Merriwell has been waiting for her prince to come since the tender age of fourteen. She wants a man who is selfless. Preferably, academic like her. And free from all the wretched vices her gambler father enjoyed far too much before he left the Merriwell sisters practically destitute. Unfortunately, after a slew of romantic disappointments, there is still no sign of that prince.

For Galahad Sinclair, gambling isn’t just his life, it’s in his blood. He grew up and learned the trade at his grandfather’s knee in a tavern on the far away banks of the Hudson in New York. He’s spent five years making a success out of his gaming hell in the sleazy docks of the East End. Enough that he can finally afford to buy the pleasure palace of his dreams. The only problem is the perfect building he’s just bought to put it in also happens to be right next door to the orphanage run by his cousin’s wife’s youngest sister.

While Venus and Galahad lock horns over practically everything, and while her malevolent orphans do their darndest to sabotage his lifelong dream, can either of them take the ultimate gamble—and learn to love thy neighbor?

The Review

Never Wager with a Wallflower is the third and final book in the The Merriwell Sisters series. In this novel it focuses on the youngest Merriwell sister Venus and her brother-in-laws cousin Galahad Sinclair.

With dual points of view, for me, I was more invested in Galahad then I was in the third Merriwell sister. There was something about her character that was too self-righteous and selfish, especially when it came to Galahad’s future.

However, I did love how Heath set up the slow-burn, rivals-to-lovers trope between these two. It started as a delicious simmer and moved oh-so-slowly, like honey dripping from the honeypot, and then finally began to boil over, where these two could no longer deny each other. And once they plunge into the deep, pulled under, gripped by the all consuming heady taste of “what could be,” readers will be fully engrossed in Venus and Galahad’s love story.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blotink blot – Satisfyingly Inked

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7-Nov-23978-1639105847320St. Martin’s GriffinAdultNetGalley, Digital ARCJune 28, 2023

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