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House of Odysseus by Claire North

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On the isle of Ithaca, queen Penelope maintains a delicate balance of power. Many years ago, her husband Odysseus sailed to war with Troy and never came home. In his absence, Penelope uses all her cunning to keep the peace—a peace that is shattered by the return of Orestes, King of Mycenae, and his sister Elektra.

Orestes’ hands are stained with his mother’s blood. Not so long ago, the son of Agamemnon took Queen Clytemnestra’s life on Ithaca’s sands. Now, wracked with guilt, he is slowly losing his mind. But a king cannot be seen to be weak, and Elektra has brought him to Ithaca to keep him safe from the ambitious men of Mycenae.

Penelope knows destruction will follow in his wake as surely as the furies circle him. His uncle Menelaus, the battle-hungry king of Sparta, longs for Orestes’ throne—and if he can seize it, no one will be safe from his violent whims.

Trapped between two mad kings, Penelope fights to keep her home from being crushed by a war that stretches from Mycenae and Sparta to the summit of Mount Olympus itself. Her only allies are Elektra, desperate to protect her brother, and Helen of Troy, Menelaus’ wife. And watching over them all is the goddess Aphrodite, who has plans of her own.

Each woman has a secret. And their secrets will shape the world.

The Review

Have you ever read a book and after you’ve finished you only want more pages to read? I found myself craving the next chapter in Penelope’s story. Wondering what will happen next now that I’ve finished House of Odysseus.

Perhaps Claire North will write one more book 🤞

Now, let me get back to my review and gush over North’s lush prose and incredible world/character building. I know I’ve talked before about how authors can transport us into these unimaginable settings, with characters who feel as real as the people we interact with. And North does that and more. Giving voice to the women in a history who would deny them their mere existence.

A Few More Thoughts

Filled with goddesses and queens (and evil men of course), readers who enjoy Greek Mythology, and a fresh page in the epic tales of our ancient past, will devour North’s second installment in the Song of Penelope.

Make sure to pre-order this one book friends.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blotink blotink blot – Exceptionally Inked

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  1. Shrusti Mulgund

    This Sounds really good! I’m reading Circe at the moment and that’s why this peaked my interest! I’ll definitely check this out!

    1. Cece Beckman

      If you’re loving Circe I highly recommend Ithaca (It’s the first book before this one) and House of Odysseus.

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