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The Second Chance Year by Melissa Wiesner

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The Second Chance Year

One disastrous year. One magical wish. One chance to change the past.

Sadie Thatcher’s life has fallen apart in spectacular fashion. In one fell swoop, she managed to lose her job, her apartment, and her boyfriend—all thanks to her big mouth. So when a fortune teller offers her one wish, Sadie jumps at the chance to redo her awful year. Deep down, she doesn’t believe magic will fix her life, but taking a leap of faith, Sadie makes her wish, opens her eyes, and . . . nothing has changed. And then, in perhaps her dumbest move yet, she kisses her brother’s best friend, Jacob.

When Sadie wakes up the next morning, she’s in her former apartment with her former boyfriend, and her former boss is expecting her at work. Checking the date, she realizes it’s January 1 . . . of last year.  As Sadie navigates her second-chance year, she begins to see the red flags she missed in her relationship and in her career. Plus, she keeps running into Jacob, and she can’t stop thinking about their kiss . . . the one he has no idea ever happened. Suddenly, Sadie begins to wonder if her only mistake was wishing for a second chance.

The Review

Do you know what my FAVORITE romance trope is this year???

Second chances.

Yep, I am falling madly in love with romances that feature the trope, and The Second Chance Year, fits perfectly into the pantheon. We have Sadie Thatcher, a pastry chef who has had the worst year of her life. And on December 31, she decides, reluctantly, to go with her best friend to a New Years Eve party where a fortune teller gives her an opportunity of a lifetime: start her crappy year over.

Is she willing to take the risk and possibly have a worse outcome?

You’ll have to read it to see…😂😂😂

Book friends, without giving any spoilers, I loved how Sadie’s second chance was a reflection of what she did before. She’s walking cautiously this time around the landmines that detonated the first time and finding herself drawn to the man she only thought of as her brothers best friend.

Though Sadie becomes a slightly different version of her previous self, it’s the journey in finding that happy ending that makes this book a delectable treat.

Add this one to your TBR!

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blotink blotink blot – Exceptionally Inked

Content Warning

Please be aware this book contains sexual harassment in the workplace which may be a difficult subject matter for some readers. The author did her best to treat the topic with sensitivity.

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