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A Pretty Implausible Premise by Karen Rivers

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A Pretty Implausible Premise

Head-spinning, Taylor-Swift-song-level feelings. Their instant connection seems implausible, even impossible, as they start to realize all they have in common.

Both are grieving, living in worlds haunted by ghosts; both have a parent who’s out of sight, not out of mind; and both were forced to give up their Olympic dreams.

Connected by experiences only they understand, Hattie and Presley fall into a whirlwind romance—flirting at their workplace, sleeping side by side beneath the stars, ice skating to a playlist all their own.

But like the wildfires surrounding their California town, the trauma that haunts them is unrelenting. Can they overcome their losses without losing each other? Or will their ghosts break them apart?

Perfect for fans of Nicola Yoon and Rachel Lynn Solomon, A Pretty Implausible Premise explores the power of a love beyond comprehension, and how seemingly implausible connections can be the ones we need the most. 

The Review

A Pretty Implausible Premise is a story about two young people who have gone through traumatic experienced. When I picked up A Pretty Implausible Premise I thought this was going to be a heavy and emotional read. Where two teenagers are dealing with an unbearable grief, absent parents, and haunted by the ghosts of their loss.

But as the chapters unfolded the book began to veer in a completely different direction. Let me give some context. The author chose to write a book within a book. Instead of flushing out the emotional turmoil the two main characters were experiencing, Rivers’ focused more on Hattie’s favorite book. There are literal chapters written in A Pretty Implausible Premise from Hattie’s favorite book and I kept thinking every time we stepped out of Hattie’s reality, why am I reading pages of another book within this book?

It was jarring when Hattie what equated to a panic attack and she stopped everything to find someplace she could go to read a chapter from the book. I understand that characters in books escape into the chapters of the books they love, but you’re usually not thrown out so frequently.

Although the book within a book didn’t work for me, and I had mixed feelings with the execution of the last quarter of the book, I was rooting for Hattie and Presley to find inner peace and a way to cope with their grief until the end.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blotink blot – Satisfyingly Inked

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26-Sep-23978-1616208165384Algonquin Young Readers YANetGalley, Digital ARCAugust 31, 2023

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