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Ne’er Duke Well by Alexandra Vasti

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Ne’er Duke Well

Peter Kent―newly inherited Duke of Stanhope and recently of New Orleans, Louisiana―must become respectable. Between his radical politics and the time he interrupted a minor royal wedding with a flock of sheep―not his fault!―he’s developed a scandalous reputation at odds with his goal of becoming guardian to his half siblings. For help, he turns to the cleverest and most managing woman of his acquaintance, Lady Selina Ravenscroft.

Selina is society’s most proper debutante, save one tiny secret: she runs an erotic circulating library for women. When Peter asks for her help, she suggests courtship and marriage to a lady of unimpeachable reputation. (Which is to say, definitely not herself.)

But matchmaking doesn’t go according to plan. Peter’s siblings run rampant on Bond Street. Selina ends up in the Serpentine. And worst of all, the scorching chemistry between Peter and Selina proves impossible to resist. For the disreputable duke and his unpredictable matchmaker, falling in love just might be the ultimate scandal.

The Review

Hello Book friends!

Today I’m reviewing Ne’er Duke Well by Alexandra Vasti. In this regency romance we follow a newly minted Duke, Duke of Stanhope aka Peter Kent, who is desperate to adopt his siblings and Lady Selina Ravenscroft who is willing to help him.

And Regency readers you will want to get your hands on this one.

Now, let’s chat about the book itself.

Vasti has created a story about two people who selfishly want something that will make them incredibly happy, which is to say the Duke wants his siblings safely living with him, government reforms, and Selina Ravenscroft. Though Selina Ravenscroft isn’t aware of the latter, she is equally determined to help Kent to get what he wants. And through a series of unfortunate events… I should stop there so you can find out what happens.

What I absolutely loved about this one was the real time nail biting selfless tunnel vision of Selina Ravenscroft. She would go on a warpath in order to help someone, big or small. And towards the end, as she’s trying to map out her way out of a predicament of her own making, you as the reader will experience a multitude of feelings. One is desperate hope that she will listen to reason.

Oh, and the side characters!!!! 👩‍🍳😘👨‍🍳

And Vasti has confirmed that there will be at least three more books! Which is why I am so excited to see where Vasti takes these characters next.

Be ready to get swept up in the characters, the story, and the romance. It’s all deliciously wrapped together like a perfect dessert with a delectable bow.

Pre-order this one.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blotink blotink blot – Exceptionally Inked

About the Author

ALEXANDRA VASTI is a British literature professor who has loved historical romance since age 11. After finishing her PhD at Columbia University in NYC, she moved to New Orleans, where she lives with her very large and noisy family. Ne’er Duke Well is her first novel.

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