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The Stranger I Wed by Harper St. George

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The Stranger I Wed

Cora Dove and her sisters’ questionable legitimacy has been the lifelong subject of New York’s gossipmongers and a continual stain on their father’s reputation. So when the girls each receive a generous, guilt-induced dowry from their dying grandmother, the sly Mr. Hathaway vows to release their funds only if Cora and her sisters can procure suitable husbands—far from New York. For Cora, England is a fresh start. She has no delusions of love, but a husband who will respect her independence? That’s an earl worth fighting for.

Enter: Leopold Brendon, Earl of Devonworth, a no-nonsense member of Parliament whose plan to pass a Public Health bill that would provide clean water to the working class requires the backing of a wealthy wife.  He just never expected to crave Cora’s touch or yearn to hear her thoughts on his campaign—or to discover that his seemingly perfect bride protects so many secrets…

But secrets have a way of bubbling to the surface, and Devonworth has a few of his own. With their pasts laid bare and Cora’s budding passion for women’s rights taking a dangerous turn, they’ll learn the true cost of losing their heart to a stranger—and that love is worth any price.

The Review

Hello Book friends!

Today I’m reviewing The Stranger I Wed by Harper St. George. In this historical romance we follow American heiress Cora Dove and her sisters to the heart of London, where Cora is in need of a titled husband in order to obtain her inheritance. And who better to fill that role than the handsome Leopold Brendon, Earl of Devonworth. He’s a staunch modernist member of Parliament, whose title will be worthless if he can’t turn his finances around.

Seems like the perfect match?

And romance readers, you NEED (yes all caps) this book in your life. (I know, another repeat from my last post four blot post, but it’s relevant to this one too).

Have you ever finished the first book in a series and immediately needed to read the next book?

That’s me, book friends, with George’s new series, The Doves of New York! I want to read Eliza’s story (the youngest Dove sister)! But for now, let me just say, I’m so excited for you to read George’s latest and greatest about bold young women who take the stage like the women in Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton. Transporting readers back in time, where the performances of Cora Dove and Leopold Brendon will have readers devouring this historical romance in one one sitting.

The Stranger I Wed (which I’m not really a fan of this title) is a new historical romance series that I am hands-down ready to pre-order the entire series today. I really enjoyed George’s The Gilded Age Heiresses series, and with this opening novel, romance readers be prepared to be swept away with another set of young women ready to take on the London scene and devastate it’s gentry. Character driven, George will have readers rooting for both main characters, holding our breath as Cora and Leo grow closer, both fighting their urge to fall in love with each other.

George took me on a journey that had me only wanting more.

Go add this one to your cart book friends. You’ll be glad you did.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blotink blotink blot – Exceptionally Inked

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About the Author

Harper St. George grew up in the rural backwoods of Alabama and the northwest Florida coast where her love of history began. She now makes her home in the Atlanta area writing historical fiction romance set in various time periods from the Viking Era to the Gilded Age. Her novels have been translated into ten languages.

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