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Unladylike Rules of Attraction by Amita Murray

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Unladylike Rules of Attraction

Anya Marleigh is a singer and sitar player in Queen Charlotte’s court. She is left a fortune by Dowager Countess Budleigh, one of her elderly clients who used to hire her for musical evenings. But there is a condition attached. Anya must marry before her next birthday if she wants to see any of the fortune. The executor of the will is an insufferably conceited man who must consent to her marriage—if he doesn’t give his consent, the fortune reverts to him.

But Damian Ashton is only part of the problem. The Budleigh family see Anya as a usurper. They believe the fortune is rightfully theirs, and they will do all in their power—including accusing Anya of murder and Damian of some dubious and criminal dealings—to get their hands on the fortune. Now Anya must do everything she can to thwart their efforts, save herself from the gallows, and at the same time, resist the powerful attraction she feels towards Damian—who surely is only interested in keeping the Budleigh money.

Can Anya sort out the tangle—or must she lose her heart to find her fortune?

The Review

Hello Book friends!

Today I’m reviewing Unladylike Rules of Attraction by Amita Murray. In this rivals to to lovers, we follow the songbird and sitar player for the Queen of England and her scheming court. When the Dowager Countess Budleigh passes away and leaves a small fortune to Amila, who became an honored guest over the years prior to the Dowerger’s death, prompts a series of unfortunate events, including the broodingly handsome Damian Ashton.

More Thoughts

Now, let’s chat about the book itself.

Unladylike Rules of Attraction‘s premise is a great one. I loved the concept of a young independent woman with little means, is given an opportunity of a lifetime. The only problems are a certain handsome someone and a rather inconvenient deadline to marry to obtain her gifted fortune.

Great idea right?

But for me, it is the execution of the story, the lack of witty banter, and the romance between the two main characters that became a struggle.

A Few More Thoughts

Further, I grappled with the romantic relationship between Damian and Anya. I’m always game for an enemies to lovers trope. Where it takes the couple most of the novel to find sure footing before they’re consumed by their very obvious attraction for each other. But I felt that the interactions between these two didn’t really sustain that initial spark that leads to the inferno that is their romance. As the reader you are smiling ear to ear, toes curling, and the playlist of every hit love song playing in the background, because of the banter, the clear chemistry, and the graceful fluidity of two rivals coming together like the musical notes to an epic song. That never really happens in this one.😭

Although this one wasn’t for me, historical romance readers who enjoy court dramas, a family of cutthroat snobs, and enemies to lovers, should give this one a try.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blot – Adequately Inked

About the Author

Amita Murray lives in London and can be found writing and tweeting about life and chocolate. Her novels take you on a romp through the edgier streets of Regency England. Her Arya Winters mysteries are under a TV option. Her mystery novel Thirteenth Night won the Exeter Novel Prize and her short story “A Heist in Three Acts” appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. She’s been writer-in-residence with the British Council, Spread the Word, Leverhulme, and Literature Works, and she is committed to finding that magic button that creates more diversity in publishing.

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