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Summer 2024 Children’s Picture Book Guide

However you spend this summer, with your feet splashing in the pool, or fingers covered with melted chocolate and sticky marshmallows, this Summer 2024 Children’s Picture Book Guide will give you and your young reader stories that will book end your summer with indelible memories.

Let’s dive in…

Built to Last

by Minh Lê, illustrated by Dan Santat

Two friends love using their imaginations to build bigger and better creations in this playful story about collaboration and perseverance. However, their partnership is truly tested when their latest innovation is destroyed. Once again, the dynamic duo of Minh Lê and Dan Santat have produced an inventive friendship story.

If You Spot a Shell

by Aimée Sicuro

If You Find a Leaf is one of my favorite fall books, so I was thrilled to see a summer edition featuring seashells. This gorgeous celebration of imagination demonstrates how a simple shell can transform into a myriad of objects. I love how it inspires children to create dazzling masterpieces featuring shells in unusual ways.


by Sophie Blackall

Batten down the hatches! It’s time to embark on a whimsical journey of imaginative play in this fantastical new story by award-winning creator Sophie Blackall. When a parent’s mundane housework is interrupted by their inventive child, the two engage in a fun-filled journey that whisks them from the living room to the high seas.

Beach Hair

by Ashley Woodfolk; illustrated by Niña Mata

At the beach, everyone has beach hair. There’s twisty and twirly hair, flossy and glossy hair, hair that’s barely there, and hair that’s everywhere.

The best part about a beach day is the belonging and joy that everyone feels when they let their hair run as wild and free as the sea.

Mother of Sharks

by Melissa Cristina Márquez, illustrated by Devin Elle Kurtz

Join Melissa, a young girl from Puerto Rico who loves the sea, as she discovers the magic of the underwater world and its inhabitants. Just as Melissa is about to leave the water, she meets a wise and friendly crab who teaches her the importance of preserving the ocean’s treasures. This exciting tale is perfect to read on a sunny day and will leave readers with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and wonder of the sea.

The Curious Why

by Angela DiTerlizzi; illustrated by Lorena Alvarez Gómez

If it’s one of those days, never fear: Your new friend the Curious Why will show you that there’s always something new to discover about the world around you! Do you want to know where the dinosaurs went? How crayons are made? Or what makes a bee sting?

This companion to the bestselling The Magical Yet will open young minds to a remarkable world of possibilities, and remind readers that it’s much easier than they think to have fun. All they need is a little curiosity!

Itty Bitty Betty Blob

It’s monster picture day again, and Itty Bitty Betty Blob sits in front of the mirror where she practices growling for the camera.

But for Betty it’s not so easy.

She’s not a typical monster, so she doesn’t love scaring anyone. What she loves is dancing and rainbows and cute furry creatures. So when mom hands her a perfectly horrible scaly black dress to wear on picture day, Betty isn’t sure. Of course she wants to make mom happy, so she practices her growls in the mirror, and tries to look as monstery as her school friends. She even heads off to school with high hopes, practicing all the way there. . . and that’s when she makes a discovery and soon finds herself among new friends with ideas that just feel right.

Ruby’s Tools for Making Friends

written and illustrated by Apryl Stott

It’s Ruby the fox’s first day at a new school. She’s a little nervous, but luckily, she has her tools to help: a tape measure to count her breaths if she feels overwhelmed, pliers to remind her to be flexible, and safety goggles to see things in a new way.

When Ruby finds out her class is having an egg drop competition, she wants to share her ideas, but she feels shy surrounded by all her talkative classmates. Can she use her tools to find the confidence to speak up, and maybe even make some new friends?

Why Not?: A Story
about Discovering Our Bright Possibilities

by Kobi Yamada; illustrated by Gabriella Barouch

What if life is even more miraculous than you’ve
imagined? Why not find out for yourself?

words in this enchanting children’s book are here to cheer you on–to encourage
you to be brave, live with your whole heart, and become whoever you want to be.
They’re here to invigorate you to do something you love, something you believe

Why Not?: A Story about Discovering Our Bright Possibilities

by Loren Long

There is a bright yellow bus who spends her days driving. She loves carrying children from one important place to another. But as time passes, things change: new drivers, new routes, and new passengers. Yet, no matter where she is, the Yellow Bus finds joy and discovery in the world around her — and in those she helps along the way.

With stirring black-and-white artwork and powerful pops of color, The Yellow Bus is a story filled with gratitude for the teachers, mentors, coaches and many more who inspire and empower little ones every day.

You Are Loved

Written and illustrated by Sujean Rim

A little tyke wanders through a welcoming world of sun, grass, and flowers, dancing to bird chirps, spying new friends in the clouds, and waving to waves. After hello-ing stars and giving a hello-there to the moon, the explorer finally returns to someone who loves them as deeply as all the world.


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