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Daughters of Bronze: A Novel of Troy by A.D. Rine

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Daughters of Bronze

Lost between the timeless lines of Homer’s epic, the women of Troy finally stand to be counted. Their story is one you’ve never encountered, and it will change the fate of Troy forever.

Andromache has proven herself a capable leader, but can she maintain that hard-won status now that she is the mother to the city’s long-awaited heir? With enemies closing in, Andromache must bring together a divided city in time to make a final stand.

Rhea is a Trojan spy, but she never expected to find love in the enemy camp. When the final battle lines are drawn, Rhea must decide where her loyalties lie and how much she is willing to lose.

Helen is no longer the same broken woman first brought to Troy as a captive. Given a second chance at life, she must cast off her shroud of grief and use her healing gifts to save Troy’s greatest hope.

Cassandra has seen Troy’s fate. But she knows the truth is only as valuable as the person who tells it . . . and few in Troy value her. All that is about to change. One hero will rise, another will fall . . . and this time, Cassandra will have her say.

From the highest tower to the most humble alley, the bloody beaches to the dusty plain, Daughters of Bronze breathes life into the Troy of myth and history. It is an epic of a thousand invisible actions leading to a single moment, adding a refrain of unexpected light to the legend of Troy.

The Review

Hello Book friends!

Today I’m reviewing Daughters of Bronze by A.D. Rhine. In this historical fiction, we follow four woman, Andromache, Rhea, Helen, and Cassandra of Troy. Each of these courageous women will change the immense and bulky fabric of the legend and myth of the Trojan War.

A Few More Thoughts

I loved this reimagining of The Trojan War. Though, there was one character who truly stood out. Helen. It was so refreshing to see how human Rhine made Helen. Showing she isn’t the mask she wears of a haughty goddess-like beauty, that she is firstly and always a mother. Her reason she left, or rather was taken, from her home and her beloved daughter Hermione, was to keep her daughter safe. It paints Helen in a new and more humanistic light, which I completely enjoyed.

Weaving each of the main character’s experiences, as they navigate a war they did not ask for, it breathes new life into a very old story. Where women fill the forefront of every page, shaping a story that paints them not as helpless victims, but women who instinctively know how to survive.

Giving the story of the Trojan War the feminist version the world needs, A.D. Rhine has created a masterful retelling of how four women of Troy come together to give witness to the war made and waged by foolish men.

If you’ve read Madeline Miller, Pat Barker, or Claire North, you will definitely need to per-order this one.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blotink blotink blot – Exceptionally Inked

About the Author

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A. D. Rhine

A. D. Rhine is the pseudonym of Ashlee Cowles and Danielle Stinson. Ashlee holds graduate degrees in Medieval History from the University of St. Andrews and Theological Studies (with an emphasis in the Ethics of War and Peace) from Duke University. Danielle holds a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from Tufts University. Their adult debut Horses of Fire is the book they have always dreamt of writing together.

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