Now Accepting Books for 2021-2022

Sheaf & Ink is currently accepting self-published novels at this time.

If you are an author or publishing house, Sheaf and Ink is accepting books for review. Sheaf and Ink will only accept books specifically published and classified as Young Adult (Teen) and New Adult novels.  Our focus is literature intended for the young adult audience; however, occasionally, we will review Middle Grade novels as well.

Sheaf and Ink Book Reviews are honest and thoughtful.  We take pride in our professional approach to focus on the positive aspects of each novel.  Browse through some of our current reviews, and get a preview of what Sheaf and Ink can do for you and your book.

Upon submitting your book, Sheaf and Ink will contact you if your book is selected for a review. Payment is only required if your book is an Expedited Review.

All reviews written by Sheaf and Ink are COPYRIGHT PROTECTED and may not be posted or reprinted without the written consent of Sheaf and Ink.

How it Works

Request Review:

Fill in all the required information in the Book Review Request Form below.

Submitting Manuscript:

Mail an ARC or copy of your book to Sheaf and Ink.  We will provide detailed instructions upon completing your request.

Review Process:

Upon receipt of your ARC or copy of your book, Sheaf and Ink will read the complete manuscript and write a thorough review. IMPORTANT NOTE: Sheaf and Ink only reviews hard copies of books and unfortunately, will no be accepting any e-books to review.

Expedite Review:

Sheaf and Ink provides and Expedited Review Service with a fee.   All expedited reviews will be treated like every review submitted to Sheaf and Ink.  You are NOT buying a review; the fee is only for a faster turn-around.  Please be aware reviews do take time, particularly with the number of requests received.  If you would like a review sooner, moving it to only one to two weeks from when the physical book was received, you may request an expedited review within the request form.

Published Review:

You may choose to publish your review, where it will be discovered by other readers and industry influences on  If it is a negative review, you may request for it not to be published and it will not be posted on our site. If you agree to publish this review, all quotes may be posted with proper attribution–“Sheaf and Ink” (year of review)–and MUST link back to the original post.

Books reviewed by Sheaf and Ink are received from publishers, authors, and their personal library.

Regardless of the source, all reviews are the opinion of the reviewer and are not subject to outside influence of any kind.

Submissions for Book Reviews

Book Review Requests Form – Publishers or Authors 

Sheaf and Ink will accept books for audiences specifically for the ages of 13+ only.  Our focus is young adult literature; however, occasionally, we will review Middle Grade.

Important to Note: If no preferred publish date is requested, books will be placed in the queue and reviewed as near release date as possible.