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The Book of Dust, La Belle Sauvage By Philip Pullman

Utterly mesmerizing

Cecelia Beckman, Sheaf & Ink

The Story

The Book of Dust, La Belle Sauvage is the beginning of Lyra Belaqua’s story and her champion Malcolm Polestead.

Malcolm, an 11 year old boy, is an observer.  He takes everything in, aware of every small detail, committing it all to memory.  He overhears conversations, getting bits and pieces of information that when put together, starts to make an interesting picture of a grand schemed puzzle that is becoming exceedingly more complicated.

With each passing day, Malcolm gathers more important facts, listening carefully, asking the right questions, both at school and busing tables and taking orders at his mother and father’s tavern and inn called the Trout.  Since the Trout is neatly situated on the river, many people of consequence or otherwise pass through.  And Malcom becomes more and more entwined in the intrigue that is closely tied to the young infant girl, Lyra Belaqua, living in the Priory of St. Rosamund over the bridge, across from the Trout.

As Malcolm’s story progresses, his path crosses and intertwines with Lyra’s.  There is a gravity about this child, a pull so great, like a heavy lodestone, she draws people close: those who are willing to protect her and those who would not.  And as her enemies draw nearer, Malcolm is prepared to sacrifice anything in order to keep her safe.

My Thoughts

Philip Pullman’s latest trilogy has stolen my heart.  This new chapter in Lyra’s story is powerful, brilliant, and just as insightful as His Dark Materials.  Pullman has created another series that has you enchanted from the very first page.  The Book of Dust is filled with action, suspense, and the uncanny, propelling the story forward into an epic journey.

Having read all three books in His Dark Materials series, I was devastated as a child after reading the third and final book, The Amber Spyglass.  Since reading The Book of Dust, my heart has mended and is now fortified by this story and the new bright star that is Malcolm Polstead.  I fell in love with this book with my entire heart and Malcolm is my new favorite hero!

In Short, The Book of Dust is like discovering a new treasure: a book that is so brilliant, so captivating, it leaves an imprint, an impression as thick and heavy as gold, and lasting an entire lifetime.

Simply in a word: perfection.

Happy Reading  ̴  Cece

RATING: ink blotink blotink blotink blot – Exceptionally Inked

Publisher:  Alfred A. Knopf

Publication Date: October, 2017

Pages: 464

ISBN-10: 0375815309

ISBN-13: 9780375815300

Audience: Young Adult; ages 14 and up

Jacket Art: Chris Wormell

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