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An Heiress’s Guide to Deception and Desire by Manda Collins

The Story

From the publisher

Former lovers become reluctant allies in this delightfully witty historical rom-com from the bestselling author of A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Mayhem—for fans of Evie Dunmore, Enola Holmes, and Netflix’s Bridgerton!

England, 1867 : As half of the writing duo behind England’s most infamous crime column, Miss Caroline Hardcastle has quite the scandalous reputation. It may have cost her a fiancé, but she would much rather bring attention to crimes against those ignored by society than worry about what the ton thinks of her.

After Caro’s dear friend is kidnapped, however, she has no choice but to work with Lord Valentine Thorn, the same man who broke her heart. Worse, when her actions put her father’s business at risk, a marriage of convenience may be her only solution . . . but can she trust Val to stand by her? Or will their past repeat itself?

Val–the new Viscount Wrackham –is in an untenable position: His father is demanding he find a respectable bride to secure the succession. Yet the only woman he’s ever loved, Miss Caroline Hardcastle, is notorious for behaving improperly. And she’s never forgiven him for his youthful transgressions, missteps made in the name of familial duty, but ones he still regrets to this day.

As they grow closer to unmasking the culprit, Val sees an opportunity to show Caro he’s a changed man. But can he convince her to give their love a second chance–before death does them part?

My Review: An Heiress’s Guide to Deception and Desire

An Heiress’s Guide to Deception and Desire is a lovely tale of second chances.

It weaves together into the tapestry that is this book: romance, intrigue, and mystery. A detective story at its heart, Collins Regency Era novel takes us into the heart of London in the glittering glam of the theater. A dear friend and actress named Effie, of the main character, Caroline Hardcastle, goes missing. As Caroline and her bestie, Lady Katherine Bascomb, look into the whereabouts of their friend, enter Caroline’s broody and ex-fiancé Viscount Wrackham.

What I love most about this book is the way Collins creates these women sleuths who are willing to take on a case that the local police aren’t interested in.

With engaging characters, first-time readers of Collins’ novel will undoubtedly be taken by her lively plotting, jaunty wit, and flavorful banter. If you love a headstrong protagonist who fights tooth and nail against the tons views, and a love interest who supports feistiness and peculiarity then slip this one onto your TBR.

A Few Last Thoughts of An Heiress’s Guide to Deception and Desire


I am ready for the third book.

The way Collin’s sets up the next two characters in this one is PERFECTION. I immediately thought “These TWO!!! Please, please have them featured in the next book!”

Although we don’t know what happens to Caroline and Katherine’s friend Flora Deaver, it’s very mysterious as to why she’s unable to cat-sit and seems to fall through the cracks towards the end of the book, but I’ll let it slide. Because I’m ready to read Flora’s book with the Duke of Langham.

Simply a fun read, readers who enjoy a good romance with a splash of steam, and a stirring in of detective story will enjoy this one.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blotink blot – Satisfyingly Inked

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