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Always Only You by Chloe Liese

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Always Only You

It’s an office romance on the ice rink in this heart melting story about love’s power not in spite of difference but because of it.

Ren has known Frankie Zeferino was a woman worth waiting for since the moment they met. She’s a master of deadpan delivery, has a secret heart of gold, and a rare one-dimpled smile that makes his knees go weak. But as long as Frankie’s the team’s social media manager, she’s off limits.

Frankie is a self-admittedly blunt, grumbly grump, but even she isn’t immune to sunshiney Ren Bergman. Who could be, when he’s a six-foot-three hunk of happy with a hockey player’s physique? Maybe in the past, Frankie would have gone for a guy like him, but since being burned too many times by people who learn about her diagnoses and see a problem, not a person, she’s wised up.

After waiting years for the right time to make his move, Ren learns Frankie plans to leave the team to pursue a new career. But what he didn’t anticipate is how hard he’ll have to work to convince her to let him have his shot at winning her heart.

The Review

Hello Book friends!

Today I’m reviewing Always Only You by Chloe Liese, the second book in the Bergman Brothers series. In this second novel we follow the second Bergman brother a professional hockey player, who everyone loves and adores and Frankie Zeferino a no-nonsense in-game social media coordinator for the LA Kings.  Ron Bergman is sunshine to her grump, in this melt-your-heart office romance.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I absolutely LOVE the new covers of the Bergman Brother series!  Check out my last post with more details on why I love them so much.

Now, let’s chat about the book itself. I was first introduced to this series by reading Always Only You.  For some reason, I tend to read sports romance novels out of order, so it only seems fitting that I continue the trend with this series too. 😂

I hands down love this book.  Work place romances have been a favorite of mine recently (it all started with Ali Hazelwood’s Love Hypothesis) and give me a man who is a ray of sunshine, treats women with dignity and respect, is not remotely turned off by menstruation (and actually is willing to go purchase tampons/pads), and really is the guy you want to bring home to meet your parents.

A Few More Thoughts

And Frankie!!! She’s quirky, strong-willed, hilarious, and charming in a way that makes her feel like an old friend.  I love how these two characters slowly come together and realize how to make a relationship work that best fits both of their needs.

Simply put, a book you need in your life.

Always Only You checks all the right boxes of workplace romance, grumpy + sunshine, and he falls first, romance readers will be swept away by Ren and Frankie’s love story.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blotink blotink blot – Exceptionally Inked

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About the Author

Chloe Liese writes romances reflecting her belief that everyone deserves a love story. Her stories pack a punch of heat, heart, and humor, and often feature characters who are neurodivergent like herself. When not dreaming up her next book, Chloe spends her time wandering in nature, playing soccer, and most happily at home with her family and mischievous cats.

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12-Dec-23978-0593642375384BerkleyAdultNetGalley, Digital ARCNovember 21, 2023

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