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Rules for Second Chances by Maggie North

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Rules for Second Chances

Liz Lewis has tried everything to be what people want. But she’s always been labeled different from everyone else in the boisterous world of wilderness expeditions―that is, if anyone notices her at all. Her marriage to popular adventure guide Tobin Renner-Lewis is a sinkhole of toxic positivity where she’s the only one saying no.

When she gets mistaken for a server at her own thirtieth birthday party and her last line of communication with Tobin finally snaps, Liz vows to stop playing a minor character in her own life.

The plan?

A crash course in confidence…via improv comedy class.

The catch? She’s terrible at it, and the only person willing to practice with her is a certain extroverted wilderness guide who seems dead set on saving their marriage one improv scenario at a time.

The Review

Hello Book friends!

Today I’m reviewing Rules for Second Chances by Maggie North. In this second chances romance, a married couple try and work out what went wrong in their marriage.

Now, let’s chat about the book itself.

This one wasn’t for me book friends. 😔

I love second chance romances, where the characters get one more chance to figure out what went wrong and make it right. But for me, in Rules for Second Chances, the first three quarters dragged on with a back-and-forth between the two main characters that felt cringe as it did flat. I struggled reading this one, often times, setting the book down, thinking if I was going to DNF this one, but hoping, that at some point, the book would turn around.

And it did! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

But it was the last three chapters that I was screaming YES, this is what I signed up for and want to read!!!

I’d give the last thee chapters 3.5 stars as the characters and story blossomed and has a conclusion romance readers will absolutely love.💓

Even though this one didn’t work for me, there was neurodiversity representation, tropes like opposites attract and a second chance worth fighting for. My suggestion would be keep reading book friends to make it to the end.

Happy Reading ~ Cece

RATING: ink blotink blot – Adequately Inked

About the Author

Maggie North writes deeply emotional, strangely hilarious novels at the intersection of romance and women’s fiction. Her favorite subjects include introverts at the end of their [expletive] ropes, STEM, Canada, and other overlooked, underrated things you’d love to discover. She enjoys being autistic a lot more since her diagnosis as an adult. She currently lives in Ottawa, Canada with her spouse, The Kid, and a rotating cast of hypoallergenic aquarium friends

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25-Jun-24978-1250910127352St. Martin’s GriffinAdultNetGalley, Digital ARCJanuary 1, 2024

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