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Lore by Alexandra Bracken

“Fans of Suzanne Collins Hunger Games and Roshani Chokshi’s The Gilded Wolves will devour Alexandra Bracken’s Lore.”

Cecelia Beckman, Sheaf & Ink

The Story

In only six chapters, Alexandra Bracken, has captured my full attention and I’m very curious to see how the rest of the novel will play out.

With a fierce female protagonist, Lore Perseous is a survivor.  Living with the regret of her past, she is the sole heir to a buried ancient bloodline. If she is found the people responsible for her family’s murder would be all too keen on seeing her join her ancestors in the grave. 

From the very beginning the story moves at a fast pace.  With an opening that sets the stage of this Hunger Games like hunt between Greek deities and ancient mortal bloodlines.  One trying to keep their godhood while the other seeks to annihilate the deities’ existence in order to commandeer their power and divinity.

My Review: Lore

Lore is an intriguing story.  Revolving around Greek mythology and how gods become the hunted all set during the present day in New York City.  Where one can only imagine the bloodbath that will ensue over the course of the novel and what major landmarks Bracken will use as a backdrop while painting the city red.

After the sixth chapter I’m left with so many questions.  Though, what I crave most is the romance Bracken so artfully crafts into her novels like magic.  The clever banter, the all consuming slow-burn, me screaming “kiss already” and giddy when they finally do is what I’m looking forward too.

A Few More Thoughts

Although, we only get snippets of who Lore is in these first six chapters, I’m anticipating Bracken will have some surprises.  Revealing all the intricate pieces of the full puzzle that is Lore Perseous.  I mean the cover alone is revealing! And the few hints like bread crumbs in the first few chapters has me already guessing who she really is.

My hope is that the design team at Disney-Hyperion will include a detailed cast of characters.  This would be a helpful guide and reference. Readers would have a better understanding of the hierarchy of the characters. Be it the ancient bloodlines or the nine Greek deities who set this whole gory revenge story into motion.

I’m very excited to read more.

Happy Reading ̴ Cece

Lore Book Details

Author: Alexandra Bracken

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

Publication Date: January, 2021

Pages: 576

ISBN-10:  1484778200

ISBN-13:  978-1484778203

Audience: 15 and up

Jacket Art: Unknown at this time

Jacket Design: Unknown at this time

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