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The Unbound by Victoria Schwab

An intense continuation of a brilliantly written story.

Cecelia Beckman, Sheaf and Ink

The Story

Mackenzie Bishop’s summer is over.  Owen is gone, Mac still has her job as Keeper (a job where one returns sometimes violent Histories (the dead) back to the Archive (the dead’s resting place)) and she’s about to start her junior year at a prestigious private high school.  Trying to stay invisible will be impossible at a much smaller school and Mackenzie’s reoccurring nightmares of Owen does not help make her transition any easier.

And as the nightmares become more real, people start to go missing.  People Mackenzie has encountered before they vanished without a trail.

The question is, can Mackenzie trust the Archive to help her find the culprit?  Or will she be the only one to find the one responsible?  Time is running out and if Mac can’t solve this mystery she may lose everything, including her life.

My Thoughts

This book was intense.  I felt like Victoria Schwab took us from a summer landscape of understanding the inner workings of the Archive and the fascinating concept of the dead with our eyes wide from the lush imagined world, to being blindfolded in a dark room with the sense of someone lurking nearby, a knife in hand, while humming, You are my Sunshine.

This book was classic Schwab.  Where the monsters were once lurking in the shadows until she coaxed them out to finally come out and play.  The prose deliciously slathered with action, mystery, romance, and horror that makes this novel an intriguing page turner.

Mackenzie Bishop is fierce and determined.  She is capable of handling most situations and her self-doubt and willingness to sacrifice certain happiness’s to ensure others safety will make her more enduring to readers.

I couldn’t put this novel down and my only hope is Schwab will one day write another novel in this incredible story.

Happy Reading  ̴  Cece

RATING: ink blotink blotink blotink blot – Exceptionally Inked

Publisher: Hyperion

Publication Date: January, 2015 (Paperback)

Pages: 368

ISBN-10: 1423194640

ISBN-13: 9781423194644

Audience: Juvenile Fiction; ages 13 and up

Cover Photography: Michael Frost (Photograph of girl) Maarten Wouters (Photograph of Smoke) additional photos by Shutterstock and Tyler Nevins

Cover Design: Tyler Nevins

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  1. mudbloodgram

    Great review. I’ve read the first book and it’s really good. Hopefully, I’ll read the sequel soon.

    1. Cece Beckman

      I hope you do too! The second book is much more intense, but loved it.

  2. Brittany Baird

    I can’t wait to read this one! I really loved The Archived ♥️

    1. Cece Beckman

      I can’t wait to hear what you think. I loved this one and make sure to read the added story (it melted my heart).

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